Hi!  About me?  Gosh.  I can't believe you want to read this but okay.   I am 47 and cool with growing older.  With age I have found a balance in my life.  Photography and running my own business allows me to keep the balance in terms of dividing up my time.  I love that!  We have 4 kids who keep us running! We spend much of our time at sporting events and dance competitions.  My husband is the cute bald local Funeral Director in our small town.  I love all things creative but am only good at a few of them.  I also enjoying singing and can play 4 cords on the guitar. :)  


I've been a professional photographer since 2008.  Every year is new, full of new experiences, gained knowledge, and a changed business.  I welcome the challenges each new year brings and and love gaining the newest knowledge of my trade.  I also enjoy helping folks learn how to use their cameras and be the best photographers they can be.  So if you have a question, shoot me an email.   Or better yet, let's meet for coffee and talk shop.  I love coffee and talking shop!  


Thank you for coming to my website.  If your looking for a photographer to shoot your wedding, family, kids, life I hope we are able to work together soon!  I really love what I do and I would enjoy meeting you.    


ann :)