Details . 



Location.                               As I get to know you we will find the perfect location that fits your personality and interest.  



Timeframe .                       Please set aside 45 minutes to an hour for most sessions



Clothing .                               I have lots of ideas of what I like.  You should wear what you like.  



Moms .                                      Mom’s hate to be photographed.  Give it up!  You are beautiful!  You are not fat, you do not have more              

                                                         wrinkles than yesterday, your hair looks fine.  Think  of how special it will be in 10 years to have 

                                                         pictures with your family.  Again, you are beautiful!  



The Boss .                           During your session I am the boss.  Don’t forget it!  I get to tell everyone where to sit, when to look at 

                                                       the camera, when to smile and when to look mad.  I love it!  Don’t rain on my parade.  Because i am the boss        

                                                       prices are subject to change. 



Holiday cards .               I  am a Christmas card Junky.  I love taking the photos, assisting you in finding the perfect template for the 

                                                        Photo, and I love love love receiving them.  Put me on your list, I’ll put you on mine.  (which I will surely 

                                                        start planning in October)



Kids not happy .           Don’t worry.  Sometimes it takes time (or lots of bribes) to keep little ones happy.   My previous  job was

                                                       running a camp for kids.  I am patient.  And I have 4 of my own.  



Creative vs                        It's all relative.  I may ask you to run down the middle of the road, climb up a snowy bluff, act like you won

crazy .                                    a million dollars, do a cart-wheel, or (gasp) kiss your spouse!  Never fear,  I’ll ask nicely and it will all be 

                                                        over soon.  



Personalities .               Can’t wait to get to know yours and you have no choice but to get to know mine.  My goal is to capture 

                                                       yours in our session. 




                           ...... Photo Sessions Are Fun......